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Employment Opportunities

Recovery Specialist/Peer CompanionCrisis Respite

In a Peer Respite setting, the Recovery Specialist is available to instill hope, support wellness, and to demonstrate that recovery is real and does happen. Respite workers help guests exploretheir personal goals and engage them in community and social events using compassion, trauma informed techniques, and peer support. Recovery specialists assist individuals in crisis process current issues and stressors and assist them in moving forward to a place of increased wellness,possibly even beyond their normal baseline.


  • Bachelor’s Degree, Associates Degree, or college level academic work in related field strongly preferred; or High School diploma with relevant experience/knowledge base of mental health and substance recovery
  • Personal experience as a recipient of mental health and/or chemical addiction with two years of successful recovery preferred
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Experience with program development
  • Experience/general understanding of documentation procedures
  • Working knowledge of issues facing persons affected by mental illness and chemical dependency, understanding of and ease with dealing with individuals in crisis
  • Familiarity with community supports and Federal, State and Local services and systems
  • Qualify for New York State Peer Specialist Certification. http://nypeerspecialist.org
  • Approval by New York State Justice Center
  • Driving record acceptable to MHAST insurance carrier
  • Demonstrates a commitment to the Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier’s mission and vision

Personal Characteristics:

  • Believe in the importance of consumer-directed services
  • Believe that growth, recovery, and change are possible
  • Value consumer choice, self-determination and self-sufficiency
  • Respectful of and compassionate toward other people’s thoughts, behaviors, ideas, and needs
  • Self-aware and able to take responsibility for own mistakes, successes, weaknesses, and strengths, as well as being able and willing to seek support when needed
  • Optimistic and confident in approach and outlook
  • Safe and approachable , including when under pressure
  • Good listening skills
  • Punctuality, reliability, co-operation with others


  • Provide assistance, support, and advocacy to individuals in crisis
  • Help individuals clarify problems and identify the need for change or improvement and set goals based on their individual preferences
  • Role model wellness and recovery and help individuals identify interventions they can take toward their own wellness and recovery goals
  • Promote empowerment with meaningful activities and discussions, utilizing wellness tools such as WRAP as well as problem solving and selective self-disclosure
  • Assist individuals in making community connections based on their preferences and needs
  • Help maintain a clean, safe, and secure environment
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date records and documentation of services; provide and maintain documentation of the individual’s progress and operations of the respite house
  • Demonstrate teamwork among co-workers
  • Demonstrate ease with working with a diverse population
  • Ability to meet individuals where they are in life and promoting goal setting and supporting progress toward those goals.
  • Flexibility with work schedule, some evenings, nights, and weekend shifts required
  • Cooperation with keeping respite house clean and safe, some cleaning duties required
  • Must have stable housing
  • Treat all guests and staff with dignity, courtesy, and respect

Reports to: Co-Directors of Crisis Respite
Status: Non-exempt
Hours: Full time


The Mental Health Association is recruiting new interpreters!

The Mental Health Interpreter Program (MHIP) collaborates with numerous local non-profits, educational institutions and hospitals in order to assure that EVERYONE receives the services they require and deserve. Appointments are requested and then offered to interpreters to help clients by being present at counseling, educational or medical appointments.

  • Are you bilingual and fluent in both languages?
  • Do you possess good communication skills?
  • Do you have an interest in working in health care, education and/or supporting accessibility to mental health services?
  • Are you interested in supporting local constituents in receiving services?
  • Would you be interested in earning $35 an hour for each appointment?
  • Do you have a passion for working with diverse populations including immigrants and refugees?

In order to become a certified interpreter for MHIP, the process would be:

  • Send MHIP application and availability sheet.
  • Complete an interview.
  • Attend the training series that is broke into six 3 hour sessions. Upon completion, you would be certified throughan evidenced based curriculum from the Department of Health and Human Services. The topics covered include: program expectations, American values, cultural and linguistic competency, psychiatric terminology, the challenges refugees and immigrants face.
  • Be hired at Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier.
  • Cover appointments that fit your schedule.
  • Attend a quarterly staff meeting.

If interested, please apply immediately then interviews will follow.The training sessions will be conducted in March 2018.
Please submit applications or feel free to reach out with inquiries to:
Holly Welfel
MHAST Cultural Diversity Director
777-8888 ext. 305